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To Our Stakeholders

Zeria, guided by our corporate motto, “Making health is making happiness,” aims to contribute to patients who are fighting disease as well as those seeking health and beauty through the development, manufacturing and marketing of unique high-quality products.

Providing People with the Highest Quality

Zeria has pursued the highest quality in all corporate activities guided by our spirit of contributing to the health of people throughout the world.
In our Ethical Pharmaceuticals business, Zeria has accumulated knowledge and research as a specialty pharmaceutical company in the
gastrointestinal field and offers a wide lineup of gastrointestinal drugs extending from the upper to the lower gastrointestinal tracts. The Consumer Healthcare business offers original products that contribute to “self-medication.”

Toward a New Stage of Growth

We have expanded our business with a wellbalanced business portfolio consisting of the Ethical Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare
businesses that serve as the two wheels of our operations. One additional engine of growth is our global business development. We have actively pursued alliances and M&A to obtain synergies and as a result our overseas sales to net sales ratio currently exceeds 40%, with most of these sales derived in the European market. In the future as well, we will extend our sphere of growth to the world and make our utmost efforts to expand our corporate value as we move toward a new stage of growth.

In closing, we ask our stakeholders for their ongoing guidance and support as they look forward to Zeria’s continued growth in the future.