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Terms of use

This Web Site is established and operated by ZERIA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as ZERIA Pharmaceutical). Please read the following conditions carefully before using this Web Site. Use of this Web Site constitutes agreement with the conditions listed here.


All contents contained on this Web Site are the property of ZERIA Pharmaceutical and/or donors of contents, and are protected by copyright acts and other laws and regulations in each nation. This Web Site is only for personal non-profit use, within the limits as permitted by law. Any download or reproduction which exceeds these limits is forbidden.


All trademarks, trade names, and designs , etc. displayed on this Web Site are protected by law. Acts which violate this law, such as the use of these items without permission, are forbidden.

3.Drug information

None of the contents displayed on this Web Site regarding pharmaceutical products and other related products should be construed as medical advice. Content displayed on this Web Site regarding pharmaceutical products is general-purpose information. Therefore, it is not a replacement for medical advice provided to patients by medical professionals such as doctors or pharmacists. Furthermore, the contents are not publicity for, or an advertisement of the efficacy of the products. Contents displayed on this Web Site are based on contents approved in Japan. When using pharmaceutical products displayed on this page in a country other than Japan, please comply with the laws and ordinances of that country.

4.IR information

The corporate earnings and other information disclosed on this Web Site is supplied for the purpose of providing our shareholders and investors with a better understanding of ZERIA Pharmaceutical, and does not constitute an invitation or a recommendation to purchase shares.


The contents displayed on this Web Site are created based on information we believe trustworthy; however, ZERIA Pharmaceutical does not provide any guarantee of the completeness, accuracy, and validity of the contents, or that the contents are free from errors or the danger of infection by viruses, etc. Furthermore, ZERIA Pharmaceutical bears no responsibility for any damage incurred through the use or inability to use information displayed on this Web Site.

6.Changes in content and cessation of service

ZERIA Pharmaceutical may change the content displayed on this Web Site, or discontinue this Web Site without any prior notice.


Please obtain prior permission from ZERIA Pharmaceutical if you wish to link to this Web Site. ZERIA Pharmaceutical bears no responsibility for the Web Sites of any third party linking to this Web Site, or for Web Sites which this Web Site establishes links to.

8.Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies to enhance the information provided, improve convenience, and analyze usage conditions.
These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information such as your name, telephone number, or address.
You can disable cookies by adjusting the settings of their Internet browser. Please note that if you do so, some services may not be available, pages may not display properly, or the site may not operate properly.


These terms of use shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. All disputes related to the terms of use shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan as the exclusive competent court of first instance.