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A Responsible Corporate Citizen

Pursuing High Ethics as a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The basis of Zeria’s corporate management is its commitment to contributing to the restoration and
maintenance of people’s health through its main business activities.


As a company directly involved with human life and health, Zeria has continually worked to undertake business activities based on high ethical standards. The basis of these efforts is designated in the Zeria Group Compliance Standard. This is a clearly written set of corporate code of conduct standards concerning corporate ethics and observance of legal and regulatory requirements, which is based on the concept of “Excel in quality at every level,” as articulated in the Z·E·R·I·A Five Corporate Spirits.

Zeria established the Transparency Guidelines for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions in January 2012 and Zeria Code of Practice in April 2013. In doing so, we are ensuring high ethics and the transparency of our corporate activities.

Furthermore, as a means of gaining understanding and thoroughly promoting compliance throughout the Group companies, regular workshops are being conducted along with all employees undertaking concerted efforts to enhance corporate value.

Contribution to the Environment and Society

Our two plants in Saitama and Tsukuba have obtained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems and are actively working to reduce the impact on the environment by taking such measures as conserving energy and resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Besides working to protect the environment, Zeria also contributes to society through such activities as providing support to areas affected by natural disasters both in Japan and overseas.

Additionally, based on the recognition that measures for rare diseases are a social responsibility as a pharmaceutical company, Zeria developed Phosribbon Combination Granules, which was designated as an orphan drug and is an oral phosphate formulation for the indication of hypophosphatemia. In the future, as we nurture wide-ranging relations with society, we will carry out sound corporate activities based on high corporate ethics and will work actively to protect the environment and carry out social contribution activities.