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Consumer Healthcare Business

Foresight That Anticpated Self-Medication

Original Products Centering on the Chondroitin Range and Hepalyse Range That Help Meet the Needs of People Desiring Health and Beauty
The Consumer Healthcare business offers a wide range of products that contribute to “selfmedication,” including OTC drugs (pharmacist
intervention required OTC medicines, consumer healthcare products), quasi-drugs, food for specified health uses, health foods and cosmetics.

Our wide-ranging product lineup, such as gastrointestinal drugs, cold remedies, sinus infection medications, dermal remedies, eye drops
and revitalizer, satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

We offer unique products such as the Chondroitin range for arthralgia and lumbalgia that has driven this business for over 50 years,
the Hepalyse range containing liver hydrolysate, the WithOne range of herbal laxatives and Prefemin, Japan’s only therapeutic agent for
premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that contains the European herbal medicine chaste berry as an active ingredient. Also, we focus on selling
basic cosmetics beginning with the IONA brand that includes IONA f and IONA Spa & Mineral Essence gel.

To raise recognition and achieve further market penetration we are actively promoting our products through various media channels and in-store promotions. This includes TV advertisements, magazine advertising and our websites dedicated to respective product lines.

OTC Drugs

Chondroitin ZS Tablets®
(Third-class OTC drug),
a remedy for arthralgia and lumbalgia

Hepalyse® Plus II
(Third-class OTC drug),
a nutrient tonic for physical fatigue and exhaustion

Hepalyse® Drink II
(Third-class OTC drug),
a nutrient tonic for physical fatigue and exhaustion

New WithOne®
(Designated second-class OTC drug),
an herbal laxative

Acinon® Z Tablets
(First-class OTC drug),
a treatment for gastrointestinal diseases (H2 blocker)

(Second-class OTC drug),
a therapeutic agent for PMS

Healthcare Support Drinks

Products for Convenience Stores

Hepalyse® W (Soft drink)

Hepalyse® W Hyper
(Soft drink)

Hepalyse® W Premium
(Soft drink)

Hepalyse® W Premium KIWAMI
(Soft drink)