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Human Assets and Training

Developing Human Assets to Fulfill Responsibilities Related to People’s Lives

Zeria’s human assets not only obtain professional knowledge in healthcare and pharmaceuticals but also learn
about responsibilities as a pharmaceutical manufacturer that is directly related to people’s lives.

Training and Education Based on the Corporate Motto “Employees Are Our Best Asset”

Zeria believes that employees are our most important management resource as well as valuable corporate assets. With this rationale serving as the fundamental principle guiding our employee development, we are working to enhance our training and education system to meet the expectations and earn the trust of society.

As a pharmaceutical company that offers products directly related to human life, we seriously consider our responsibilities and strive not only to thoroughly share specialized business knowledge and widely publicize our corporate code of conduct standards but also work to educate personnel and nurture human attributes that will make them upstanding members of society.

Highly Evaluated Personnel in the Workplace and in the Field

To ensure employees can reach their full potential, Zeria has established a highly focused education and training system. This system includes “stratified training” for newly hired employees up to the manager level; “training by division” for improving professional skills and specialized knowledge; “compliance training”; and “training by subject” that includes training of evaluators.

In ethical pharmaceuticals sales, we provide an introductory training and education course for new recruits for a fourmonth period. We provide practical training for them so that they can obtain sufficient knowledge and capabilities required for Medical Representatives (MRs). Additionally, we have introduced followup training and will raise our capabilities for making proposals in the medical field by continuously acquiring advanced specialist knowledge.

In consumer healthcare sales, we provide training that enables our sales force to learn about marketing and managerial theories for making optimal proposals to pharmacies and drug stores. To ensure quick and flexible responses regarding product safety and self-medication, we work to cultivate OTC drug sales experts well versed in product knowledge.