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Consumer Healthcare Products

Nutritional Health Drugs

Chondroitin ZS Tablets®

Chondrobe® EX

Chondro-Hi 900

Chondro-Hi 900E

Chondro-Hi 900 Jelly

Hepalyse® Plus II

New Hepalyse® Drink

Hepalyse® Hi

Hepalyse® King

Hi Jelly® Powder in Stick

Hi Jelly® Granules

New Hi Jelly® Ace II

MC Calcium

Zeria Calcium Solution

Aposty® EC+B

Selme® EC Granules

Remedies for Gastrointestinal Diseases

Acinon® Z Tablets

Acinon® Z Solution

Stomacool® A-Fine Granules

Stomase® Granules

U-tiv Tablets

New WithOne®

New WithOne® α

WithOne® L

WithOne® Suppositories

New Lecicarbon® Suppositories S

Pelot® Antidiarrheic


Zeria Stomachic Oral Solution

Western Herbal Medicine


Cold Remedies

Cepie® IP Gold Tablets

Cepie® IP Gold Granules

Cepie® Cough Capsules

Cepie® Cough Granules

Cepie® Troche

Cepie® Rhinitis Soft N

New Cepie® Solution for Children

Cepie® AZ Gargle

Cepie® AZ Rhinitis Spray

Cepie® AZ Throat Spray Cool

Yoinseihai Syrup

Zeria Jiryu Extract Granules

Ophthalmic Solutions

Viewclear® Vita Contact

Viewclear® Cure Contact®

Viewclear® Cool

Viewclear® Rosso®

Viewclear® Hi40

Viewclear® Gold

AZ α

New AZ A

AZ Antibacterial Ophthalmic Solution


Indomesaal® Plus

Okyuko Z

Onkan Sheet Happ

Hemorroidal Remedies

Dormain®-H Suppositories

Dormain®-H Ointment

Dermal Remedies

Aposty® Lotion

Aposty® Cream


Dolmycorti® Ointment

Heparin Z Cream

Prevaline® α Cream

Prevaline® α Ointment


New Sunnia® sol D

Sunnia Clean®

Bariact® Hi Solution

Bariact® Hi Cream


Womnale DX II


Aposty® Facial Foam

Aposty® Mild Lotion

Aposty® Moisture Lotion DX

MOLENA® Lip Cream

MOLENA® Richlip

Nutrient Tonics (Pharmaceuticals)

Hi Jelly® B

Hi Jelly® B Fresh

New Royal Geront® B

New Royal Geront® B Fresh

New Healthan Soft® B

New Healthan Soft® B Fresh

Hi Jelly® Royal

New Hi Jelly® SN

Hi Jelly®

New Royal Geront® SL

Nutrient Tonics (Designated Quasi-Drugs)

Hepalyse® Amino


Vita Healthan® B

Healthan® Guts®

Soft Drinks/Health Foods

Hepalyse® W

Hepalyse® W Hyper

Hepalyse® W Premium

Hepalyse® W Sparkling

Hepalyse® W Pastille Type


Concentrate JUNKOU®

Food for Specified Health Uses