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Planning for Growth through Strategic Allocation of Management Resources and Global Business Development

Chairman&CEO Sachiaki Ibe/President&COO Mitsuhiro Ibe

Zeria,guided by our corporate motto,”Making health is making happiness,”aims to contribute to patients who are fighting disease as well as those seeking health and beauty through the development ,manufacturing and marketing of unique high –quality products.

Zeria has two main business units:the Ethical Pharmaceuticals business arm and the Consumer Healthcare(OTC) business arm.Our Ethical Pharmaceuticals business has earned high acclaim from medical professionals for its gastrointestinal product lineup that covers conditions affecting both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts,led by Acofide and Asacol.
Meanwhile,the Consumer Healthcare business provides original products that contribute to self-medication,including the Chondrotin range and Hapalyse range as well as the WithOne range and Prefemin.Looking ahead ,we will aim for further growth in both businesses to maintain our balanced business portfolio through strategic resource allocation.

As means of putting into practice one of our corporate philosophies,"Reach out to the world,"Zeria is actively expanding global business development,and in fiscal 2015 our overseas sales to net sales ratio reached 20%.

Zeria will reinforce our foundation as a global company and strive to quickly realize the next goal of attaining an overseas sales to net sales ratio of 30%.

Going forward ,we will continue to pursue the highest quality for the products we provide and in all our corporate activities ,exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.