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Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy 01|BALANCE

A Well-Balanced Business Portfolio Drives Continuous Growth

A distinctive feature of Zeria’s operations is its well-balanced business portfolio consisting of the Ethical Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare businesses.

Noteworthy products within these businesses include Asacol, a therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis from the Ethical Pharmaceuticals business that contributes to earnings growth; the proprietary new drug Acofide, a first-in-class therapeutic agent for functional dyspepsia launched in June 2013 that is expected to lead future growth; and OTC drugs as represented by the Chondroitin range and Hepalyse range, which contribute to a stable business foundation.

Both of these two core businesses drive Zeria’s continuous growth by utilizing their respective strengths and contributing to earnings. Moreover, the stable business foundation derived from these businesses also enables Zeria to undertake M&A for its next growth phase while allowing us to develop and launch new pharmaceuticals, which require considerable expense and many years.

Growth Strategy 02|FOCUS

Opening a Path to the Future Focused on Our Strengths

Zeria is efficiently expanding its business and building distinctive positions in each business field by implementing a strategy of intensively allocating management resources in its fields of specialization.

In our Ethical Pharmaceuticals business, Zeria, which is specialized in the gastrointestinal field from R&D to sales, offers a wide range of gastrointestinal drugs extending from the upper to the lower gastrointestinal tracts.

In R&D as well, we have selected the oncology field as an area following the gastrointestinal field. By focusing on these two fields, we intend to strengthen our international competitiveness.

In the Consumer Healthcare business, we have focused on developing creative products to contribute to “self-medication (self-care)” and have achieved success through strategies that anticipate the advent of an aging society.

Growth Strategy 03|GLOBAL

Global Business Development Moves toward a New Stage

Zeria is promoting global business development through alliances and M&A aimed at contributing to sales and profits and obtaining synergies.

In 2009, Zeria made Swiss-based Tillotts Pharma, the originator of the ulcerative colitis therapeutic agent Asacol, into a subsidiary. Subsequently, in 2010 Zeria made Denmark-based ZPD, a specialty raw material manufacturer of sodium chondroitin sulfate, into a subsidiary.Both companies continue to steadily achieve growth and are making large contributions to consolidated results in terms of sales and profits. In September 2015, Zeria made Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company of February 3rd (F.T. Pharma), a Vietnamese company engaged in the manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, into a subsidiary. By doing so, Zeria took our first step for developing business in the rapidly growing Asia region.

In July 2015, Tillotts Pharma acquired the rights for Entocort, a first-line therapy for Crohn’s disease sold in over 40 countries worldwide. We expect to realize synergies between Entocort and Asacol.

Through our global business development, we are extending our sphere of growth from Japan to the world as we expand our business and move toward a new stage of development.