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Ethical Pharmaceuticals Business

A Standout Product Lineup in the Gastrointestinal Field

Contribute to the Treatment of Gastroenterological Diseases through the Supply of Asacol and Acofide

Main Products

Gastrointestinal Field

Acofide® Tablets 100mg,
a therapeutic agent for functional dyspepsia

Asacol® Tablets 400mg,
a therepeutic agent for ulcerative colitis

Acinon® Tablets 75mg,
a therapeutic agent for gastritis and ulcers(an H2 receptor antagonist)

Promac® D Tablets 75,
a zinc containing anti-ulcerant

Visiclear® Combination Tablets,
an oral bowel cleansing agent


Phosribbon® Combination Granules,
a therapeutic agent for hypophosphatemia (an oral phosphate formulation)

Landel® Tablets 40,
a long-acting calcium channel blocker

Peon® Tablets 80,
an oral NSAID

Ancer® S.C. Injection 20µg,
an anti-leukopenia after radiotherapy

Avitene® Flour Type,
an absorbable topical hemostat

The Ethical Pharmaceuticals business undertakes operations focusing on the gastrointestinal field as a priority area. In addition to the original new drug Acofide, a first-in-class therapeutic agent for functional dyspepsia, we offer gastrointestinal drugs, including Asacol, a therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis; Acinon, an H2 receptor antagonist; Promac, a zinc containing anti-ulcerant; Visiclear, an oral bowel cleansing agent; and New Lecicarbon, a laxative. Zeria has been undertaking full-fledged global business development by taking various measures such as making Swiss-based Tillotts Pharma, the originator of the ulcerative colitis therapeutic agent Asacol, into a Zeria subsidiary in September 2009.

In order to quickly and appropriately provide information on pharmaceuticals, we work to raise the qualifications and further enhance the academic training of our Medical Representatives (MRs). At the same time, MRs at respective bases nationwide are working hand-in-hand with specified distributors (specialized medical product wholesalers) to provide information, including recent findings on drugs, properties and proper usage of our products, to various institutions such as university hospitals, major hospitals and general practitioners.