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Production & Distribution

Providing Peace of Mind and Safety

Zeria strives to efficiently manufacture products based on the theme "promptly providing the required products at the time and the amount as needed without delay."
We aim to further improve the quality and reliability through an integrated system that encompasses functions ranging from development to production and distribution.

Production Bases

Saitama Plant

Main production lines
Pharmaceutical products and OTC drugs
(oral solid dosages, ophthalmic solutions, ointments, injections, etc.)

Tsukuba Plant

Main production lines
Pharmaceutical products,designated quasi-drugs and health foods (drinks (lightly carbonated and non-carbonated), tablets, granules, etc.)

Tillotts Pharma’s Ziefen Plant (Switzerland)

Main production lines
Pharmaceutical products
(oral solid dosages, etc.)

ZPD’s Esbjerg Plant (Denmark)

Main production lines
Sodium chondroitin sulfate

IONA’s Fukushima Plant

Main production lines
Cosmetics and quasi-drug products, etc.

F.T. Pharma’s Cat Lai Plant (Vietnam)

Main production lines
Pharmaceutical products and OTC drugs (Oral solid dosages, ophthalmic solutions, injections, etc.) and health foods, etc.

Building an Integrated Production Structure Equipped with State-of-the-Art Facilities

Zeria’s spirit of manufacturing, “placing top priority on quality and properly producing even better products,” has been passed down since our founding.

In keeping with this spirit, Zeria has built an optimal production structure underpinned by the Saitama Plant, the Tsukuba Plant, IONA’s Fukushima Plant, Tillotts Pharma’s Ziefen Plant, ZPD’s Esbjerg Plant and F.T. Pharma’s Cat Lai Plant. Through this framework, Zeria makes its utmost efforts to manufacture highquality and highly reliable products.

The Saitama Plant was established as the first plant in Japan conforming to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. As the center of production facilities, this plant produces a variety of ethical pharmaceuticals and OTC drug products.

The Tsukuba Plant, which produces a range of products classified as pharmaceuticals, designated quasi-drugs and health foods, features a fully integrated production structure with a fully automated manufacturing line encompassing all processes from the placement of empty containers to packaging. The nutrient drink manufacturing line has a production capacity of 100 million bottles per year and the plant can fill drink products both in glass bottles and aluminum cans and also has filling capabilities for semi-sparkling drinks. As another notable feature, the Tsukuba Plant is flexibly adaptable to diverse types of packaging that include paper boxes, shrink packaging and cluster packaging.

Both plants have obtained certification for ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, and are undertaking environmentally conscious production activities.

Under the Eighth Mid-term Management Plan, we are undertaking large-scale capital investments. Specifically, these investments are being made sequentially for increasing production of Asacol and Acofide in the Ethical Pharmaceuticals business and the Chondroitin range and Hepalyse range in the Consumer Healthcare business, as well as for responding to PIC/S GMP.

Fluid bed dryer
(Saitama Plant)

Press through package (PTP)
machine (Saitama Plant)

Tablet counter-filler
(Saitama Plant)

Drink filler (Tsukuba Plant)

Wraparound cartoner
(Tsukuba Plant)

A New Drug Distribution Model for the Future

The distribution of pharmaceuticals requires a variety of response capabilities that include the distribution management ability to handle large-mix small-quantity production, make immediate
delivery and reduce inventory volumes. To respond to the specialized requirements of drug distribution, Zeria aims to reduce distribution costs and realize fast and accurate delivery. These efforts are focused on our targets of achieving “365-day operation and shipment,” “shortening lead time,” “reducing wasteful costs” and “improving distribution quality.”